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Build positive or negative points in the areas that make us who we are:




The game starts by each player using their disc to simultaneously declare being a Social Citizen or an Anti-Social Citizen. The discs are too big to swallow, but don't try.

Cards are played with the goal of trying to achieve the highest (or lowest) score, depending on whether the player declared Social Citizen or Anti-Social Citizen by adding the cards. During the game, other players will try to ruin your score and you can try to ruin theirs. When all of the players are out of cards, the game is over.

During each new game you can be Social or Anti-Social and each game is different every time.

This game is just the right size for travel.

The age requirement of 15 and up is more like a guideline. You decide.

Play a game where you build yourself up and/or tear others down.


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